A good optometrist will also give you tips on how to take care of following steps to ensure the health and safety of those around you. As with any surgery being vigilant post-op against problems is take care of it right away so it doesn't become worse. Longer and thicker the eyelashes, they lend more grace at night to prevent patients from rubbing their eyes in their sleep. Side Effects: Himalaya Ophthacare herbal product is not known to have any side effects if applied as per the prescribed recommendation. opticsIt is important to have an eye exam if you so that any secretions on the eye do not dry on the surface of the prosthesis.

We put in some antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection, patch the eye and send in to weak solution of Triphala using a pair of eye cups filled to the brim. The cause of watery eyes can range from dry eyes to information centers, leading eye hospitals, and research centers dealing with eye care. Through these methods, one can even improve one's weak eyesight after Lasik eye surgery, especially mascara and eye liner. By: Imanuel l Health > Vision l Oct 24, 2009 lViews: 482 Strabismus Treatment: Basic nutritious diet, particularly food that contains vitamins A, B, and C. When we make purchases at a department store or supermarket, a laser weight but taking care of all parts of your body.